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Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Fun Meme

Things I like that start with P:

Purple- My favorite color
Peanuts-Yum. Good thing I live in Virginia.
Popcorn-A requirement for being part of my dh's family, but I loved it before.
Prince Edward Island-The nicest place I have ever visited!Also the best place to eat potatoes.
Purring- By cats! My favorite sound.

Pearls-Not my birthstone, but my favorite jewel to wear, because they go with anything, and there are so many types and colors.

Puccini-One of the greatest opera composers.

My favorite age for children. They are so cute and full of life and personality.

Peonies-A beautiful flower.

Peter Pan-
Besides the fact that I am named Wendy because of it, it's a great story and, especially, musical. I was raised on Mary Martin, but Cathy Rigby is so great!

I specialize in Play Therapy, which is the use of play to express onesself and is like a child's free association.

Pugs-I would love to have one of these cute dogs someday! Awwwww!

Pizza and Pasta-Do I need to explain?
Purling- A knitting one!

Peaches- And anything peach flavored.

Paradise Pond-My favorite place on the campus of Smith College, where I went to graduate school 1995-1997.

Now, if you choose to do this meme, you must use the firstletter of your first grade teacher's first name.(Mine was Peggy). Sorry, I couldn't resist this one!


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