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Sunday, January 14, 2007

An Actual Make-In-One-Day-One-Skein Project!

For awhile now, dh has been asking for a hat with earflaps. So, I (never wanting to pass up an excuse to knit something fun...oh, I mean knit something for my sweetie!) looked for a decent pattern. Most were just a plain hat with earflaps made after the fact and attached. Hmmm. Ok, but not really what I wanted. There is also the matter that dh happens to have, um, unique ears...well, let's just say he identified with Dumbo as a kid.

Being a faithful audience member of DIY's Knitty Gritty, I watched with interest the episode in which a lovely ski hat with earflaps was made. The earflaps were incorporated seamlessly into the hat. Bingo! And bulky yarn to boot!

The first attempt before xmas was all wrong. The yarn I chose wasn't right, the circular needle too big (the measurement is with the needles, not just the cable) and I put the earflaps on backward. They proceeded to curl up. Like I said, all wrong. Holidays came. It was frogged and left alone.

Yesterday, a week and a half before dh's birthday, I decided to start the hat, armed with Rowan Plaid I got on closeout from Webs (which so rocks, by the way) a smaller circ, and relaxed determination. The yarn knit like a dream and the majority of the hat was just straight knitting in the round. Easy and fast and it was done in no time!

It's fun to knit large projects but once in a while it's nice to find a project like this that's done in one day. A very satisfying knit. Check it out! The pattern is called Camo Cap and is free on the DIY website.


Anonymous Shugahface said...

The hat looks great! Thanks for the link. There is nothing cozier than a hat with ear flaps - lucky DH.

3:45 AM  

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