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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend Update

Here is half of Sloane (albeit upside-down) and the beginning of Yarnplay's Poppy, for which I have joined a KAL you see in the sidebar. I was excited to actually find a KAL right as it started, and as I was starting the project! A minor miracle, that. The Noro Cash Iroha is so nice! Love it.

Anyway, our weather was cold this weekend and today, snowy. Friday, I ran around buying birthday presents for dh despite getting used to one contact lens for distance and one for close-up. Saturday, Amelia and I baked him a cake and wrapped said presents. ("Can I bake another cake, Mommy?"). Today, I knit and listened to podcasts on knitting, namely, Lime and Violet, Sticks and String, and Knitty D and the City. I liked them all, and they are all different. Since I've got my handy ipod nano all synced up, I will be experiencing more, but these were a good start. Lime and Violet are raunchy, wild and really funny (and yarn obsessed, like me). The Australian guy on Sticks and String was very thoughtful and contemplative (and the accent is so cute, sorry). Knitty D and the City was in-between, very topical and informative and fun, too.

All in all, a good weekend.SmileyCentral.com


Anonymous Shugahface said...

Oooh - you're making Poppy! Can't wait to see it take form here. Love that Noro.
I'm going to have to try one of Lime and Violet's podcasts. I keep reading about them on blogs...makes me curious.
Sounds like a real trick getting used to your new contacts - whoo. Did it give you a headache for awhile? I imagine it would. Yay for baking together. How fun - and a great memory down the road.
A good weekend indeed.

4:02 PM  

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