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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Post-Holiday Spoilage!

I thought I would get off easy two weeks ago. DD's entire daycare was sick, including her. She had an ear-infection and a cough and recovered well with a course of antibiotics. We had to wrestle her to administer the meds, until we found out that she was willing to take it very nicely from a little med cup, like Baby Bear did in her Elmo Goes to the Doctor video. Who knew? I got a little cold, which went away in a few days and was no big deal.

Enter the in-laws, from Florida, both coughing like they were about to eject their lungs. They adore Amelia, their cutest granddaughter (my opinion) and the visit was fun. They, however, left me an extra gift. So, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself that I was spending the bulk of my VERY rare time off (own business, you know) laying around being sick and waiting for my antibiotics to work.

I had played with all my new toys (I got a pink iPod nano!) and almost finished the Einstein Coat. I started Strut from Happy Hooker and kept going, saying it would be a bag instead of a hat. I watched a lot of preschooler TV, which got really old.

This afternoon, there was a knock at the door with a package from my SP9!!! I was literally dumbfounded with the contents. Wow! The stuff for me was great, but Amelia was completely spoiled! She got two books, a letter puzzle (her letter puzzle lost some of its letters, so this is right-on!), a blanket for her baby dolls, and an adorable handmade dolly with its own bed and cover. I even noted the doll has its own little crocheted underwear.

I got a chocolate (gone, sorry), two skeins of pinky-purply yarn, a xmas-mix CD, some awesome-looking green tea in an innovative pyramid shape with tea-bag holders (and green!),Alchemic Dragon soap in Blackberry Sage (mm) some Belgian chocolates (!) and a tea-light oil infuser thingie with lavender oil.

I am pleased/sorry that the custom slip gave away the id of my generous and thoughtful SP, she is Michelle from BC, Canada. Thanks, Michelle! I love everything and Amelia ran off with her dolly and puzzle right away! What a nice surprise at just the right time.


Anonymous Shugahface - Michelle said...

I can't believe it came already! That is so great. I know, I know the Customs thing. I asked but they wouldn't let me send it without a real name. Tightening up border security I guess.
I am so glad Amelia and you like it. Sorry to hear you are sick though - that is such a shame over the holidays.
Hope the tea is good - those pyramid bags intrigue me.
I am so pleased the timing was good for you.
I love surprising people - so this is a blast for me.
Feel better!

7:38 PM  
Blogger yarnmaniac said...

The tea was yummy and the bags are so cool!

I am feeling much better but still draining (sorry). So, what is your blog addy?

8:22 PM  

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