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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stop Me Before I Order Yarn Again....

But how can I help it? When Webs is having their anniversary sale and has Cascade Jazz for $9.99 a ball? And Bliss Cathay for $3.99? And I've been wanting to make the Jazz jacket in Fitted Knits and Tahoe from Knitty? Never mind that I have enough yarn to probably take me into the next millennium? And I only seem to be able to end a sentence with a question? Wouldn't you do the same thing?


Blogger Laura said...

Gah! Cathay for $3.99! Must NOT BUY YARN!

I don't know how I missed that you tagged me for that meme ... sorry about that. :(

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Cat said...

Oh no more yarn sales LOL. I think I've done enough damage, but you tempt me.


7:31 PM  

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