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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Knit and Crochet Progress Report

Here goes:

I finished the wool tea cozy from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The yarn used was an oatmeal colored Paton's Classic Wool. Despite the fact that I felt very slow compared to the estimate in the book (good thing this wasn't really a last minute gift for anyone), it turned out very nice. I tested it on my tea this morning, and it really kept it warm! Yay! My expectations were low because I only made it because it looked like it was fun to make and I wasn't too concerned about the actual use.

The Einstein Coat is going faster than I thought it would, courtesy of the bulky yarn, plain garter stitch and size 10 needles. I switched to a bamboo circular for the ease of it. Good choice.

I am almost finished with one of the Broadripple socks in Cascade Fixation. I ended up stopping the ripple a bit prematurely, but I think it will be OK.

I haven't worked on the ballband shrug at all lately. Boring.

I started the felted slippers...zzz....again, boring. Not too motivated on these.

I cast on and did a few rows on the Paton's Soywool mittens I am making for gifts. I do like the yarn, but it is a bit splitty.

Since November is just around the corner, I am feeling a bit pressured on the xmas gift arena. I keep telling myself that nobody expects handmade gifts, so why do I pressure myself? I guess it's because the handmade things are original and I otherwise don't have too many ideas on what to get all my husband's relatives.

In additon, there are so many other items I have in mind to make, I am wishing for additional arms to start growing. Yikes! This is supposed to be therapeutic, right?


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