Yarn Therapy

Renewal, down to the fiber of my being.....(snicker)!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm Somebody!

The new phone book is here! (What movie is that, film fans?)

I'm on Ravelry!!

My screen name: Yarnmaniac. It will take me awhile to get the lay of the land and put all my stuff in there, but I've already joined groups (I'm a joiner, at least online).

Check it out, if you are among the fortunate. I am excited!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

FO- Fitted Knit #6

Voila! The Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Little Elves Are Bringing Things to my Door

....after I saw an email from Knit Picks that they were selling THESE, I had to order them. Poof! They were here. They are really pretty and I love using them.

Yes, that is the Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug from Fitted Knits. Just 4 more rows of ribbing, and it's DONE!! Yay! I am eager to finish and wear it!

Friday, September 07, 2007

What I Won't Be Making Next

OK. I've seen some silly things created in the name of running out of stuff to knit or crochet, but this really takes the cake.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

FOs-First BSJ and Another Fitted Knit

I have finally finished my Baby Surprise Jacket, designed by the famous knitgoddess, Elizabeth Zimmermann. I used two skeins of dreamy Malabrigo in the colorway Violettas that I received as a xmas present last year. I added Orchid later to create some nice contrast. I love it!

At first, I was not sure about this pattern. It is quite ingenious, however, EZs directions were just not making sense to me. I searched the web for answers and found just what I needed. I found notes compiled by Dawn Adcock that made a line-by-line detail, plus this DVD!

Meg Swanson is terrific, and she teaches the project beautifully. Woo hoo! I was able to complete it without any problem, and it fit Amelia. I may lengthen the sleeves, but I may leave it as is. I definitely plan to make more of these. You can use any kind of yarn and you can be quite creative with it. I got the duck buttons at my new LYS, Needles in the Haymarket.

I also just finished the Thick and Thin Cardigan Coat from Fitted Knits. (Note the two greens are not as contrasting as they are in the photo). I didn't like the way my button hole band turned out, so I ripped it out and redid it. I am very glad I took the time to do that, even though I hate ripping. My local Sit and Knit group lent moral support while I did, so that helped the process. I think I found the perfect buttons for it. Now, we really need some cooler weather.

So, this makes 5 completed projects from Fitted Knits with one in the works. The question remains, should I start another? I am trying to decide between the Puff Sleeved Cardi, the Bluebell Boatneck, the Alexandra Ballet Top and the Back to School Vest. Probably the Bluebell Boatneck. What do you think--pink or black?

Check out my cool buttons!