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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The beautiful and semi-famous Amelia (see photos throughout blog) had to go to the doctor's today for early Pinkeye. The doctor noticed the pacifier and said we should eliminate it, due to Amelia having a rash from the constant use of it. She said it was a place for germs to grow. Sigh. It's hard to break an addiction. They don't have a 12-step program for pacifieraholics. We decided cold-turkey would be the method and the time was now (before we chicken out). Dh gathered up all the binks he could find and we told her we couldn't find any. She complained, but she went right to sleep! I am sure she will still ask for it in the days to come, but we will continue to not find any, and hopefully we can detox fairly quickly. Whew.

On the knitting/yarn/crochet front, I got my second order from One Fine Yarn today. They are really great, by the way. I got some pink Cascade Cotton Pima to crochet a jacket/shrug thing from IK Crochet Mag. It needs to stand in line behind all the other stuff. I'm finally on a roll with Branching Out, but I am just kind of fudging it when there is a mistake, because I can't figure out how to correct mistakes. I don't know how to tink or frog what with all the yarn-overs, etc. Any help out there?

No sign of my KTS partner. Hostess Suzie emailed today and checked up on me. She assured me that I would get a package whatever happens. It has been fun to see all the wonderful things people have sent. This is a very generous group. Most people far exceed the requirements and send some very thoughtful things. It's also a good opportunity to read other people's blogs. Don't know if anyone reads this one....


Blogger lomester said...

Heck yeah I read it! I fel the same way when I started my blog. I felt I was not getting any comments, but the more comments I gave, the more people look at my site!!

By the way, I quit the pacifier cold turkey too. My dad one day told me it was broken, and I never thought back!

8:07 AM  

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