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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stitches East Report

It was a week ago, but I did want to report on my attendance at my first Stitches conference. My friend, Fran, and I went up just for the day to shop at the Market. It was a blast. Yarn, yarn, yarn everywhere!

Besides a whole lotta buying and ogling yarn, some other fun things happened:

Fran won a doorprize. I shrieked "Whoo!" I just couldn't help it. Knitting+prizes=Whoo!

I met some of the BMFA folks and they were cool ladies, as you would hope they would be.

I received a lot of positive responses to my shirt, which proclaimed, "If I knit fast, does it count as aerobics?" This included Lily Chin, who sat in a booth crocheting so fast you couldn't see her hand. She liked my shirt!

I also received many compliments on my Two-Toned Shrug I was wearing. Yay.

I also was in the presence of Lisa Souza herself ("I'm not worthy!!")

I almost got inappropriate with the Malabrigo representative, I just love that yarn so much. Ooh.

I also ran into the pretty black-haired girl who appears in the WEBS catalog. I probably sounded so lame, shouting, "Oh! It's you! You are the one in the catalog! You're famous!" She was very sweet and looked just like she did in the catalog, although she said some people said she didn't.

We ate crabcakes across the street (well, at was Baltimore, hun) and agreed it was a great day.


Blogger Miss Scarlett said...

How fun.
Nice to get compliments on your knitting from people who know how much work is involved.


The pretty black haired girl is Cirilia - isn't she gorgeous? Seriously.
She is an awesome knitter and blogger too - Skrilla Knits.
Check her out.

4:06 PM  

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