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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Secret Pal Outdoes Herself

I got the last package from my Secret Pal 8 today! I should have taken pictures of the box, me opening the box, all the little cute wrapped packages, each representing a different letter of the alphabet, but the camera wasn't around and I was not going to wait.

Anyone who knows me knows I love me the lotsa little presents vs. one big one, so this was so me. I loved it! Here is the list (which she included in the handmade card in case I couldn't get some of the associations. Check it out:

A: Amelia's lollipops (wow!)
B: Bobbins (need these!)
C: Coil needle holders (need these, too!)
D: Dive yarn (yarn=good)
E: Eucalyptus Lotion (it says Relax!)
F: Felted project bag (my favorite item in the box)
G: Gauge check (always check your gauge, folks!)
H: Hook (size F) love this
I: Indigo shag yarn
J: Junior folding scissors (need these, too!)
K: Keychain (so cute! it's a tiny lantern moon sweater!)
L: Lois J. Long Pattern Book
M: Markers (stitch markers) in a little box!
N: Needle -- circular (great)
O: Ordinary yarn to be dyed (!)
P: Point Protectors (like cute little socks, love them)
Q: Quite the clutch (she must have made this, it's beautiful, in my colors and she even lined it!)
R: Row counters (I was looking for these!)
S: Stitch holder (would you believe I just mailed mine to France for another swap?)
T: Teapot needle point kit (very ME!)
U: Unsweetened drink mix instructions for dying the yarn (see letter O)
V: Vivacious Bubble Bath (hmmm, ok...)
W: Wendy Knits! (Of course!! hahaha)
X: Xtra Fruity Papaya Scrub (sure! why not!)
Y: Yarn needles (mine have a way of disappearing, so I'm sure I will use these)
Z: Zappy Sassy Stripes Yarn (OK, so this was a bit loose for the Z, but WHO CARES? It's sock yarn!!!!!!!!)

Isn't my Secret Pal so creative and cool? This was so much fun to open and try to guess what each letter was. Amelia was very excited about her lollipops; one big one, her name in lollipops, and a bouquet of lollipops! Whew!

I have to also include a picture dh took of Amelia today, playing dress-up. They went to the grocery store with her like this, so her fans there could admire her.


Anonymous Shugahface said...

I love that you take her out and about the way she wants.
Looks like your last SP was a fabulous lady - very creative.

2:32 AM  

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